Expo Solutions company offers a broad range of services including designing, assembling and equipping fair stands as well as all the other types of exhibition spaces and stages while organizing various events. Our complete service, which is available both, in Serbia and abroad, is always at your disposal. The headquarters are in Belgrade, Belgrade fair zone, hall 4.

Our services:

 - Creating conceptual solutions for space setup. 

 - 3D presentation of the solutions

 - Space equipment – ground cloths, cupboards, front desks, furniture, light, audio and video aids

-  Installation of modular elements and unique stand elements.

- Graphic design – digital prints in large formats and 3D logos

-  Complete realization of your performances at fairs and events throughout Europe. We enable transport, space arranging, logistics and consulting services.


Keeping up with the worldwide trends and implementing frequent innovations enable us to perfect our performances and remain a reliable partner to a great number of our many years standing clients, and to become recognizable throughout Europe. Our employees are more than willing to assist the realization of your project at any moment.